Various - Get While the Getting’s Good - album review (4 stars)


Get While the Getting’s Good (Aufgeladen und Bereit)


If this is the future of Scottish music, then it has a big broad smile on its face. Often it may be a broken one (such as in Jock Scot’s barroom brogue of ‘Barcelona’), sometimes it’s the scary kind with the thousand yard stare (the brass band bonkers of The Pendulums’ ‘New Song’) but mainly it’s of the chirpy variety. Listen to ‘I Should’ve Known’ by the Metro-Gnomes or ‘Tears for Affairs’ from Camera Obscura and try not to grin like a love-sozzled fool. Rarely does this collection of new Scottish music dip into the darker recesses of our soul with the bleeps and buttons of Automatons & the Ons’ filling that particular brief.

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