Housemates' cider roulette

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates played Cider Roulette last night. The aim of the game was for Mohamed or Darnell to drink from the winning cup - which unbeknown to them was being held by Kathreya - with the first person to choose it receiving a can of cider.

However, in order to get to the cup the pair had to down drinks being held by other housemates, which contained a host of nasty items.

Mohamed went first, and promptly gulped a glass of raw egg as the group began chanting "take it to the face".

Next, Darnell picked Rachel's cup. After knocking back the drink, he looked close to vomiting.

A delighted Rex yelled: "That was an entire cup of olive oil!"

Mohamed then picked Sara, who warned him her cup was "disgusting".

After building up the courage to raise the beverage to his lips he quickly downed it, then immediately heaved.

A giggling Rex screamed: "That's peanut butter and barbeque sauce!"

Darnell managed to drink Kat's cup of chilli flakes, before Mohamed drank a cup of straight vinegar held by Lisa.

Finally, Darnell was forced to drink the final concoction held by Mikey. The nasty combination of chilli flakes and mayonnaise proved too much for the rapper, who spat it out over the lounge floor.

Although Darnell had picked the winning cup, Head of House Rex ruled he could not win as he had failed to drink Mikey's mixture.

Much to Mohamed's annoyance, Darnell was allowed a second shot at the glass and was eventually crowned the winner.

After swallowing the mixture, Darnell said: "Oh, that's so gross. This is the best game ever!"

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