Darnell's friendship worry

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 August 2008


Darnell is worried his nomination decisions may jeopardise his friendships. In a conversation with Kat, the US rapper explained he had a "fairness complex" which meant he always tried to think about those 'Big Brother' housemates in the minority before he voted.

He said: "I put myself in that place before I make my decision. I look at those reasons and other reasons. I go on which is stronger and fairer."

He explained he always tries to think of the minority as he is used to being in that group.

He added Big Brother had asked him to give reasons when he was nominating earlier in the day, but complained he was being pushed to "talk f***ing rubbish".

Darnell then said he was worried about jeopardising the friendships he had built in the house because that was the real reason he had gone onto the show.

He said: "If what happens today jeopardises things, I'd rather leave. I've got what I wanted. If they throw another thing in that could wreck all that."

Kat - who previously said she thought Big Brother might pay the housemates' nominations on the plasma screen today - said: "I'm very scared about what Big Brother might do next. I truly believe it's going to be extreme."

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