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Paul Woolford

Name Paul Woolford

Also known as Bobby Peru (also Willem Defoe’s character in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart), Hip Therapist (just a pun, really) and more.

Occupation ‘Picking the cultural zeitgeist like a bogey’, says his MySpace headline. Ick. We prefer to think of it as repackaging the acid house sound in a minimal, technology-heavy format for the current Ibiza generation.

How so? Give his MySpace a listen. ‘Analogue’ is a dead word in the Woolford household, it seems, as each track bursts with the pop and hiss of digital synths and keyboards. There’s still a rich futuristic atmosphere in what he does, though, and it was enough to get him annual residencies at Space in Ibiza through the latter half of this decade.

How did he get there in the first place? Leeds boy Woolford – an adopted son whose birth parents are apparently an Annie Lennox impersonator and a jazz drummer who played with Squarepusher – bought his first record at the age of eight and his first turntable when he was 12. At the age of 17 came another first, when he walked into his hometown superclub Back to Basics and thought: ‘I have to play here one day.’ Making his first record at 21 with fellow Leeds DJ Tony Senghore, Woolford has gone on to unleash an array of his own releases and remixes. He plays around the world, has charmed the likes of Pete Tong, Darren Emerson and Junior Sanchez with his tracks and also held down a residency at Basics itself.

What’s he up to now? The Truth, the follow-up album to 2005’s Erotic Discourse was released earlier this year and is the best place to explore his austere sound. Falling under the Bobby Peru banner, it also features a collaboration with Green Velvet.

Paul Woolford plays alongside Smokin’ Jo at Musika presents: We Love . . ., Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sat 23 Aug.

Musika presents: The DJ Mag World Tour

Another huge night of electro and house down in Leith with headline sets from Luciano and MANDY with back up from Kate Lawler, Derek Martin, Gary Mac, Jamie McKenzie and more..


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