Studio 24, Edinburgh, Fri 22 Aug


‘Teaze isn’t just a burlesque night’, says Amy Telford, promoter of Teaze, and she’s right. There will be a burlesque show on earlier in the night, but DJs of various genres – from swing to techno and metal to alternative – will then take over until the wee small hours. And it’s also a charity fundraiser for St Columba’s Hospice, a cause which is very close to Telford’s heart.

‘This is the second time we’ve run a Teaze night,’ says Telford, ‘the first was in May and it was very successful, really busy, and it earned lots of money for Freak, an Edinburgh arts collective. Of course the Burlesque performers are the highlight [Telford will be performing herself, under her alias Tania Twisted], but we’ll also have a troupe of swing dancers, a bunch of artists creating freestyle live art in the corridor, and competition prizes from Electric Cabaret, an alternative clothing store.’

As far as the evening’s burlesque element goes, the theme of the club is ‘A Night at the Movies’, and each performance will be themed around a certain film or genre. Telford says that those involved will be coming from around Scotland and even up from England in one or two cases, while there will be male performers too. ‘The first time we did this,’ says Telford, ‘it was meant to be a one-off, but the response was so good we decided to do it again. It’s a good way to raise money for charity, but an even better way to have a load of fun.’


'Time Tunnel' themed alternative burlesque night with a hot line-up including Teniah Twisted, Miss Sassykat, Daiquiri Dusk and more all hosted by the lovely Lucy Luscious. From 1am the afterparty kicks in with a twisted blend fo swing, retro, funk, hip hop, rock and techno all raising funds for Maggie's Centre and Penumbra.

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