Little Barrie - album review (3 stars)

Little Barrie

Stand Your Ground (PIAS)


Little Barrie’s Edwyn Collins-produced debut We Are Little Barrie proved a low-key, cult album, better received outside the scene fetish of the British Isles. Here, the three-piece returns with a change in line-up, a noticeably higher profile and an altogether tougher attitude. Out with drummer Wayne Fulwood go the loose harmonies and soaring choruses, in comes a tougher blues swagger touched previously on singles ‘Long Hair’ and ‘Burned Out’. This is much more lead singer Barrie Cadogan’s album, a brief and aptly titled collection of tight soul struts with often simple lyrics and a self-assured defiance that doubtless owes something to stateside jaunts and straight-ahead hip hop production.

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