Also Published - 5 Football Books

  • The List
  • 21 August 2008

Lou Macari - Football: My Life The former Celtic and West Ham manager tells of a controversial and tragic life in and out of the game. Bantam.

Giles Smith - We Need to Talk About Kevin Keegan Subtitled ‘A Bumper Book of Football Writing’, this compilation of newspaper columns features everything from the use of underpants during goal celebrations to football-related choice of wedding venues. Penguin.

James Montague - When Friday Comes This one is subtitled ‘Football in the War Zone’ and looks at passion for the game in the Middle East. Mainstream.

Ed Glinert - The London Football Companion More subtitle stuff: ‘A Site by Site Celebration of the Capital’s Favourite Sport’ includes a kebab shop Gazza frequented and the location of a traffic jam that convinced Abramovich to put his money into Chelsea rather than Tottenham. Bloomsbury.

Chuck Korr & Marvin Close - More Than Just a Game The true story of Robben Island prisoners organised regular kickabouts played to FIFA rules while their apartheid captors looked on. Collins.

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