Sue Devaney teases how long Coronation Street character could stay in Weatherfield

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  • 17 September 2020
Sue Devaney

Sue Devaney

'Coronation Street' star Sue Devaney has teased how long her character Debbie Webster will be in Weatherfield, admitting she will be sticking around until "the new business venture she is working on is completed"

Sue Devaney has hinted her 'Coronation Street' comeback will only last until her character Debbie Webster completes her "business venture".

The 53-year-old actress has enjoyed her time back on the cobbles, but she admitted her alter ego isn't necessarily sticking around for too long as there is a time-frame in mind.

She said: "Debbie is there till the new business venture she is working on is completed.

"It is all about a business venture and there is a reason why she needs to be in Weatherfield for it but she hasn't told anyone why she is there!"

Debbie will be at the centre of the drama next week when she tells her brother Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) that Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) is having an affair with Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne).

Sue has enjoyed acting out the tense scenes with Sally, and she suggested the two characters have a "complicated" relationship, which adds another layer to their battles.

She explained: "'Corrie' does conflict between strong women really well so it has been great.

"I love working with Sally, the relationship between Abi and Debbie is complicated. A lot of people when they battle do so because they are very similar.

"When you don't get on with someone it is often something in their personality that you don't like about yourself. That is a bit of what is going on with Abi and Debbie."

Last month, the former 'Casualty' actress admitted being back in Weatherfield feels like she is just "having a day playing with [her] mates" at times.

She said: "It's like going back to my mates and seeing everyone again. I knew Mike Le Vell, Sally Ann Matthews, Jane Hazlegrove, Antony Cotton. So it's like going in and having a day playing with my mates really, it's nice."

And while it is a "bizarre" time to be acting amid the pandemic, Sue insisted things are "working really well" on 'Coronation Street' and she finds it "wonderful" to be back on the set.

She added: "It's that contact, when you've got contact with other people. It's just wonderful. Last year when I went back it was really busy, but you haven't got that at the moment. It's bizarre, but it works really well."

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