Corrie's Ben Price: Nick will make some disastrous decisions

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  • 14 September 2020
Ben Price

Ben Price

'Coronation Street' actor Ben Price is desperate to find out next in his emotional plot, but has teased viewers Nick Tilsley will make some "disastrous decisions" in the coming weeks

Ben Price has teased his 'Coronation Street' character Nick Tilsley will make some "disastrous decisions" in the coming weeks, and he is desperate to find out what happens next.

The 48-year-old star recently admitted he gets emotional over his current plot, in which his partner Leanne Battersby's (Jane Danson) son Oliver has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, but the storyline has taken another twist for his character.

On Friday (11.09.20), viewers saw Nick spot his former girlfriend Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac) in the hospital car park for the first time in 10 years, and it later transpires she has a 10-year-old son Sam, who she claims is Nick's boy.

Ben told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's huge for him, what a time to find out you really do have a son as your stepson is dying?

"He makes some disastrous decisions and it is a brilliant story.

"Even I want to know what is going to happen.

"You feel it, you've got to, you're paid to feel it, but I can't quite ever turn it off."

Ben admitted last week he isn't sure if he is dealing with the storyline "very well", and said he gets upset about the hard-hitting plot.

He explained: "I don't know whether I deal with it very well. I get a bit upset, and then you have to try to separate yourself.

"Jane Danson has been amazing, absolutely incredible. She carries it. She takes that emotional journey, and I just try to stay there with her.

"These are powerful storylines and we need to tell them.

"Sometimes you just need five minutes at the end of the day to change your clothes, remember where you are, get into another life.

"Occasionally, it's hard."

He also admitted it is particularly tough not being able to give Jane a hug – due to social distancing guidelines, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic – after the pair have acted out emotional scenes.

Ben added: "In these very powerful scenes, at the end of it I really want to go and hug Leanne, but I can't.

"It's an adjustment. Jane looked at me in that scene and said, 'I just want a hug, Ben.'

"You forget, we all forget."

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