Mikey's sleep rage

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 August 2008


Mikey lost his temper with Rex and Nicole last night. All the 'Big Brother' contestants decided to have an early night to prepare for the upcoming shopping task, but Mikey was furious when Rex and Nicole continued talking while he was trying to sleep.

He moaned: "How the hell can I get to sleep when there's all this chitter-chatter?"

Refusing to take the hint, the lovebirds continued whispering sweet nothings, much to the annoyance of Mikey.

Deciding he could take no more, he bellowed: "We need some shut eye! Will you guys shut up? F***ing racket."

Rex replied: "Stop being a miserable git."

Mikey reminded Rex they would be taking part in a task the next day, but Rex coolly remarked that, as Head of house, he would not be participating. He then told Mikey he could go to the basic bedroom to sleep if he was that worried.

Mikey termed Rex "selfish", prompting Rex to reply: "Well, we established that from day one."

Rex and Nicole continued their discussion, causing a weary Mikey to retreat to the basic bedroom for some much-needed rest.

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