Piers Morgan hires a personal trainer amid weight-loss bid

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  • 12 September 2020
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan

'Good Morning Britain' star Piers Morgan has revealed he's embarked on a stringent diet

Piers Morgan has embarked on a stringent diet.

The 55-year-old TV presenter has revealed he's employed personal trainer Sarah Lindsay and reduced his alcohol intake in a bid to lose weight.

Speaking about his new diet, Piers – who is married to journalist Celia Walden – said: "I'm going to see a new personal trainer, and unfortunately Celia's taken it all quite seriously, so suddenly it's all the good stuff's gone and all the kale's come in and the quinoa and vegetables. A lot of vegetables. A lot of salmon.

"A lot less Bordeaux – I'm down to one glass a night. And, well, during the summer, a lot of cheese went down my gullet, and and it could stretch to a bottle of red. Quite comfortably ... Depending on the quality, and maybe a little more."

Piers is also preparing to release a new book called 'Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts'.

The 'Good Morning Britain' star has teased details of what fans can expect from the book.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained: "The book's about everything from gender, to race, to identity, politics, to sexism, to feminism, to masculinity: all these things, we've all got to get a collective grip.

"So I'm hoping the book, when it comes out, will wake people up and at the very least, let us have a debate without everyone throwing their toys out the pram.

"It's got to the stage where the majority of people are now too scared to offer any opinion about anything, particularly if you're in any form of public life.

"We had a story on 'GMB' this week about a hair salon in Gloucestershire, where the owner wasn't allowed to apply for a 'happy' stylist because it was discriminatory to unhappy people. I mean, f*** off! What is the world coming to?"

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