Lord Sugar doesn't want to ever 'make up' with Piers Morgan after latest row

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  • 11 September 2020
Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

'The Apprentice' star Lord Alan Sugar doesn't want to "ever" make up with his old friend Piers Morgan after their row over the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic

Lord Alan Sugar doesn't think he'll "ever" make up with Piers Morgan.

People are used to seeing the famous pair bickering back and forth in lighthearted Twitter rows, but now the 'Apprentice' businessman has vowed to never talk to the 'Good Morning Britain' presenter again after disagreeing about the government's coronavirus response.

He told The Sun newspaper: "No, I haven't made up with the guy and I don't think I will ever.

"He's gone mad. Absolutely gone mad... He's internet on publicising himself. That's it. It's all about him. No one else.

"He don't give a monkey's about anybody really other than himself. His own popularity. That's all he's interested in. End of story."

Although the pair were close, Lord Sugar insisted that's not the case anymore.

He added: "Yeah, we were, but I'm not going to stand around listening to him talk a lot of old twaddle.

"That's why he got upset about it, when I told him that he was talking a load of rubbish."

The 73-year-old star – who has been critical of US President Donald Trump – insisted Boris Johnson and his government have done the best they can, and he encouraged everyone to follow the regulations put in place to stop the spread of the virus.

He said: "If you stick to those rules, which is what my wife and I have done and my family has done, you'll be OK.

"It's the irresponsible people out there who are not paying attention to the rules. And the rules are good rules, they're not stupid rules.

"They're put in place in order to help save people's lives. I sympathise with the government."

The most recent change to the safety measures include a ban in England on people meeting in groups of more than six people.

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