Mark Ronson blasts Noel


This article is from 2008.

Mark Ronson blasts Noel

Mark Ronson has blasted Noel Gallagher.

The Oasis rocker said last week the super-producer should "learn three chords on the guitar and go write a tune", instead of ruining other people's songs.

Now the 'Valerie' hitmaker - whose album of covers 'Version' was a massive hit - has taken a swipe at Noel joking he is being taught to play guitar by rapper Jay-Z.

The hip-hop star mocked the 'Lyla' rocker onstage at Glastonbury following Noel's comments a rap artist should not headline the music event.

Mark wrote on his MySpace page: "I just want Noel to know that I'm actually taking guitar lessons from Jay-Z right now and he's already taught me both chords to 'Wonderwall' (tune!).

"In fact, it's so much fun having Jay teach me all of Noel's songs on the guitar (hooray!) that I'm thinking of doing an Oasis/Jay Z remix album a la 'The Grey Album'. Potential titles are 'Champagne Superhova' or 'Definitely Jay Z'.

"P.P.S. Noel, I did write a song called 'Back to Black', which actually has 7 chords in it!"

Mark's DJ sister Samantha Ronson has also leapt to her brother's defence.

Referring to a recent Jay-Z collaboration with Kanye West which makes reference to Oasis in the lyrics, she wrote on her MySpace blog: "'Jocking Jay-Z' - the closest Noel from Oasis has been in years to being on the radio.

"He should stop focusing his energy on dissing people and go back to ripping off Beatles songs... far more productive... jealousy is really unbecoming."

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This article is from 2008.

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