Ads, The (3 stars)

The Ads

King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sat 6 Jan


If Glasgow’s Ads want to make it they’ll have to strike while the iron is both hot, and unsplattered by the remains of every unwelcome Fratellis and View clone that will inevitably crawl from the woodwork during the next year. They’re both good bands, don’t get me wrong, but in situations like these, imitation is the sincerest form of contempt.

The Ads are not a bad band either, and they don’t make a bad fist of doing the punky, Faces-influenced barroom rocker sound either. Known by their first names (that’s Kemy, Dave, Murphy and Matty), as so many matey outfits are these days, they deliver a short, sharp burst of chorus-led action that does indeed rock the room - a good thing, because their Myspace-boosted following made the show a sell-out. Songs like ‘Medicine’ and ‘Take Some Time’ were possessed of a certain verve and proficiency, although time will indeed tell whether they turn out to be leaders or imitators themselves.

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