Rex' Kat annoyance

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  • 18 August 2008


Rex helped teach Kathreya a new song this afternoon, then snapped at her to stop singing it. After entertaining the group with renditions of 'Cookie Love' and 'When The Saints Go Marching In', Kat decided to try out a new addition to her repertoire, the nursery rhyme 'Incey Wincey Spider'.

Encouraging her friend, Rachel said: "Incey wincey spider..."

Kat yelled excitedly: "Come up the spout again!"

Rex moaned: "You don't want to teach her any more annoying songs, she's knows enough."

Referring to the saucy side Kat sometimes exhibits, Darnell added ruefully: "See, that's the Kat we get. Not the PVC, 'I like sausages', lollipop-loving Kat."

Feeling guilty for being sharp with his friend, Rex then proceeded to help Kat remember some of the verses to the song.

However, he quickly became annoyed when Kat sang the song over and over again.

He fumed: "Kat, that's why people don't teach you anything. Because you just go on and on and on. Shut up!"

Looking sad, Kat said: "I sing very quietly."

Rex snapped: "We don't want to hear the stupid itsy bitsy spider."

Kat giggled: "You're the one who teach me."

Possibly realising she was right, Rex then proceeded to teach Kat 'Humpty Dumpty' prompting another round of tuneless singing from the masseuse.

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