Boys' Big game

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' boys invented a game using Mikey's cane and a potato this afternoon. Mohamed, Mikey, Darnell and Rex were tired with the lack of sports equipment available in the house and so decided to construct their own using items from around the house.

Darnell made the initial suggestion, musing: "If we had a bat we could play baseball."

Mohamed replied: "Yeah, but we don't have a ball man."

A delighted Mikey began bellowing: "You could use an onion!"

Obviously unfamiliar with onions, Mohamed replied: "Nah, we need something round."

Darnell said gently: "An onion is round."

Ignoring him, Mohamed demanded: "I need a potato, I can get a potato to be round. We could play golf too."

Armed with a potato, the boys then moved into the garden where they proceeded to take turns trying to hit the vegetable with Mikey's cane.

After several false starts, Mohamed finally connected with the potato prompting Darnell to say: "You got a nice curve on that."

Although Kathreya began shouting at the boys for using the potato - she was upset they were playing with something the group could eat - the game only came to an end when Rex hit the vegetable too hard causing it to shatter.

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