Mo's Sara flirt

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  • 18 August 2008


Mohamed flirted with Sara this afternoon. The 'Big Brother' housemates - who are both single - began chatting about games they could play in the house, but the conversation soon took a saucy turn.

Mohamed said: "You could play hide and seek in the house."

A dubious-looking Sara replied: "You reckon? I couldn't think of many places to hide. A good one would be in the pool if there was a cover on it."

Mohamed quickly replied: "People would go in there to 'do' stuff!"

Sara sighed: "Another flirty moment from Mo-Mo!"

Trying to change the subject, she then said: "Oooh, my hair smells nice."

Keen to dispense some fashion advice, Mohamed suggested: "Plait it."

Looking at her admiringly, he then said: "You don't look your age you know. You don't act it either."

Ignoring the flirty overtones, Sara explained: "I think it's because I don't have a boyfriend so I'm not settled."

Mohamed said: "If you were settled you'd still be wild."

Sara assured that was not the case, adding she loved watching DVDs at home and reading.

Mohamed said he enjoyed playing games, before asking her what kind of books she favoured.

Sara replied: "I like reading true stories about peoples lives, autobiographies, biographies, um, whatever they're called. What's the difference between an autobiography and a biography?"

Mohamed responded: "I have no idea."

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