Rex' Nicole row

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  • 18 August 2008

Rex and Nicole

Rex and Nicole's argument rumbled on this afternoon. Nicole spent much of last night crying after she accused Rex of not supporting her since she entered the 'Big Brother' house, but Rex refused to bow to his girlfriend's demands and instead decided to sleep in a separate room to her.

After a morning spent refusing to talk to each other, the pair eventually decided to try to settle their differences while in the garden.

Rex said: "Have you ever stopped to think how hard it is for me to have you in here? That I've had to alienate myself from these housemates in order to be with you?"

Moody Nicole replied: "Well, I didn't come in here to do that to you."

Rex explained: "Well, that's what's happened. Every single one of them is saying, 'You haven't spoken to any of us since Nicole came in here.' "

Nicole sniped: "Well, that's my fault then Rex."

Rex then changed tack, saying: "It doesn't have to be like that if you get yourself involved in the group."

An indignant Nicole replied: "I have! It's very hard for me, you don't understand."

She then expanded: "I want to be my own person; I'm not classed as that in here. I'm linked to you, that's all I am."

Irritated Rex said: "Oh well, I'm very sorry you're linked to me. It must be awful."

Nicole then whined none of the other housemates were interested in getting to know her.

An exasperated Rex replied: "Everyone's been great with you. This attitude won't get you anywhere."

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