Rex blasts Nicole

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2008

Nicole and Rex

Rex said Nicole needs to "grow up" this morning. The smug chef - who argued with his girlfriend last night - made the comment to fellow 'Big Brother' contestants Sara when she suggested he might want to make up with Nicole today.

As Nicole sat crying in the bedroom, Sara went to see Rex and told him to go and make things right with his girlfriend.

A furious Rex blasted: "What do you mean go and sort it out? You know her now then, do you? No. So don't talk s**t then. We're talking about Nicole here, we're not talking about a normal person."

Sara replied: "I just don't like seeing people upset."

A furious Rex responded: "I went up to her last night and asked her what's wrong. And her words were: 'Just leave me alone.'

"Then when I came into the bedroom she was banging on about how she doesn't feel like part of the house. If I'd gone on it would have just turned into a massive argument.

"I knew exactly what card she was going to play today. What she's trying to do is say she really needed me last night. Yeah, needed me to have an argument with. She's got to grow up a bit."

Earlier, Nicole - who was distraught Rex had chosen to sleep in a different room to her the previous evening - told some of the housemates she was upset Rex hadn't been "there for her".

Saying it wasn't fair he always accused her of doing nothing for him, she said: "I do more than most 19-year-olds. I've cooked him dinner, like, five times.

"You don't give to receive. If you give something to someone you shouldn't expect something back."

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