Coronation Street bosses says Todd Grimshaw could get between Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman

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  • 3 September 2020
Daniel Brocklebank

Daniel Brocklebank

'Corrie' producer Iain MacLeod has teased the possibility of Todd Grimshaw getting between his ex Billy Mayhew, and his former flame's new partner Paul Foreman

Todd Grimshaw could cause trouble between Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman.

'Coronation Street' boss Iain MacLeod has hinted that the character – who will be played by Gareth Pierce when he returns later this year – could come between ex Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) and his new partner, who is portrayed by Peter Ash.

The producer told Digital Spy: "How does he feel about the fact that Billy's relationship with that other person is possibly a little bit fragile?

"Can he resist wading in with his size tens and trying to kick that relationship to pieces, and hoover up what's left? I think you can probably guess the answer..."

Meanwhile, Iain also teased the possibility of Paul's historical abuse storyline coming back into focus after discovering his abuser Kel Hincley (Joseph Alessi) could have died.

He said: "[We] will have extremely complex fallout to deal with around that.

"It may blow up his relationship with Billy in spectacular fashion, or at least leave it teetering on the brink at the point that Todd comes back."

The boss also promised the arrival of Eileen Grimshaw's "prodigal son", who will arrive and turn Sue Cleaver's character's life upside down.

He added: "He'll be one of our archetypal, gruff, bluff Northern comedy characters.

"Essentially what we're talking about is a classic rom-com story that'll run for as long as we can make it run. It's a classic will they, won't they, on again, off again story."

He urged viewers to keep an eye out once the ITV soap goes back to six episodes a week, which will be when the mysterious character – who has "deep roots in 'Corrie' history and lore" – first gets mentioned on screen.

'Coronation Street' – which currently airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV – but be back to six episodes every week from September 14.

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