Mikey's water misunderstanding

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2008


Mikey tipped a glass of water over himself during a drinking game last night. Head of the 'Big Brother' house Rex initiated the game after the group were given a luxury hamper containing alcohol last night.

The contestants started playing a game where they each had to name a celebrity, with anyone who repeated a name being forced to drink their beverage in one.

Sara was the first to get a name wrong, prompting the boys to start shouting; "Take it to the face!"

Although Sara realise they meant she had to down her drink, Rachel did not understand the phrase and had to have it explained to her.

Darnell said: "It means take your drink up to your face and drink it."

However, blind Mikey was not present for the explanation.

When he later repeated a celebrity's name, the boys again began yelling: "Take it to the face!"

Taking the instructions literally, Mikey picked up his water and threw it all over his face.

As the group began laughing, Darnell said: "That's not what we meant! You were supposed to drink it! Mikey's raised the bar there."

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