Kat's Lisa bitch

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2008


Kathreya bitched about Lisa last night. The bubbly masseuse - who had spent much of the evening comforting an increasingly distraught Nicole - normally shies away from conversation involving the other 'Big Brother' contestants, but as she lay in bed her feelings for Lisa finally bubbled to the surface.

As she snuggled under her duvet, Kat asked: "What do you think of Sara?"

Darnell queried: "Why on earth would you ask that question?"

Rex interjected: "She's loyal to Lisa. Always remember that."

Kat exploded: "Lisa is not my friend and will never be my friend. She break my heart three or four times. I really feel uncomfortable with her, she doesn't like me. I really feel like she tries to upset me and she's so clever."

Arrogant Rex was quick to agree with his friend, adding he thought Lisa was playing a game.

He explained: "If Lisa came to you and said her favourite colour was pink and you said yours was blue, she would change her mind."

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