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Guardians of all things loud, strange and just plain unique in modern music, Glasgow independent record label Rock Action - set up and maintained by post-rock demigods Mogwai - have launched their own Singles Club. Label manager Craig Hargrave explains what it’s all about.

The Rock Action Singles Club is basically a series of limited one-off 7in singles exclusively available through our online shop. It means fans of the label can get some great records by bands they may not otherwise have heard. All the releases are on heavy pressed, coloured vinyl so they look pretty nice and collectable as well.

Where did the idea come from? Obviously there have been labels who have run really successful Singles Clubs before - Sub Pop and Fat Cat spring to mind. But we also wanted to create an outlet for the label where in theory we could see a smaller band we like, get a couple of tracks off them, press up a single and have it available for people to buy straight away. Basically we wanted to create an avenue for releases that weren’t necessarily ‘campaign’ orientated, or stuck to the formal processes that can take a lot of the spontaneity away.

What sort of singles are lined up so far? The first release is available now from Desalvo, who are pretty hardcore. We’ve never really tied ourselves down to a specific genre of music with Rock Action though, so I’d imagine that the Singles Club will operate on a similarly open policy.

Brown Flag/Cock Swastika by Desalvo is available now. For more information about the Singles Club and all other Rock Action releases see

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