Mikey: "control freak" Rex

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 August 2008


Mikey branded Rex "selfish" and a "control freak" last night.

In a discussion with Lisa, foul mouthed 'Big Brother' contestant Mikey - who has made no secret of his dislike of smug chef Rex - blasted Rex for the way he treated his girlfriend Nicole.

Mikey said: "Rex was shouting at her to wash the dishes so they could get a party, that's how selfish he is. He's a total control freak. I don't think he'll change. Apparently he was here for social rehab, whatever that is.

"I'm not setting foot in his b****y restaurant."

Lisa agreed, adding: "I hope he doesn't talk to his customers like he talks to some of us. You can't talk to people like that."

Not content with just bitching about Rex, the pair then started to moan about Rachel.

Lisa claimed Rachel had flirted with her boyfriend Mario in the early weeks of the show, explaining: "I couldn't weigh her up. Even if we were in the bath, she would come in. It was just all the time.

"She's a right proper little sex kitten. It was just a bit too much."

The former bodybuilder also claimed Rachel's sweet demeanour was a facade, saying: "She's a very sweet little thing but she doesn't fool me. If she wants something, she'll go and get it."

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