Nicole's "ruined" life

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  • 18 August 2008

Nicole and Rex

Nicole claimed appearing on 'Big Brother' had "ruined her life" last night. The stroppy student - who has rowed constantly with her boyfriend Rex since she entered the house - became more and more upset over the course of the evening and told some of the female housemates she felt that she wasn't liked by the group.

In a frank discussion with Kat, Nicole admitted: "I'm just Rex's girlfriend, no one wants to get to know me. I just feel left out all the time. There's no bond with anyone."

"Rex saying I don't do anything for him isn't fair, it makes me feel useless. I've stood by him through everything, he obviously doesn't appreciate it. No one else in the house has heard the rubbish I've heard about him."

Later, Nicole told Lisa, Rachel, Kat and Sara: "You don't understand what I've heard, the s**t I've had to put up with. It's just so hard for me to be in here."

She then began moaning about Rex, saying: "He's done so much to hurt me. No-one else would put up with such s**t."

She added she should never have come into the house as she is known only as Rex' girlfriend and does not have her own identity.

She said: "I should have thought about my decision."

The girls tried to comfort her, with Sara saying: "Whatever's going to make you happy, let's sort it out."

She also claimed going on the show had "ruined her life" as the drama schools she had planned to apply to would not take 'Big Brother' contestants.

Later, a worried Rex told Kat: "If she leaves, I will find it very hard to stay. I don't feel it was the right decision for her to come on here."

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