Mohamed distances himself

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 August 2008


Mohamed has been distancing himself from his fellow 'Big Brother' housemates. The toy demonstrator prepared his own dinner last night and went and had a bath when the other housemates were having their meal.

When Nicole asked him why he had eaten his sausage meal an hour before Rex had cooked tomato, bacon and onion pasta for the rest of the house, Mohamed insisted it was simply because he was too hungry to wait.

However, earlier in the day, he had revealed he is still worrying about an argument he and Rex had over a can of cider - which had also caused him to have a nightmare the night before.

Earlier in the day, Mikey had claimed Mohamed was being bullied by Rex and Nicole because of the cider incident.

Speaking to Lisa, Mikey said: "At this stage in the game is it really worth it over a can of cider?"

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