J Grange turned life around with music

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  • 21 August 2020
J. Grange

J. Grange

J. Grange refused to be a "failed member of society" and used music to turn his life around

J. Grange refused to be a "failed member of society".

The 18-year-old rapper was excluded from school a number of times and subsequently ran into trouble with police, so turned to music in a bid to turn his life around.

Asked his inspiration, he said: "I get asked this a lot! It was myself and my personal experiences that inspired me.

"I felt I had nothing else going for me. The challenges I was facing were leading me down the wrong path in education and society in general .

"I was excluded numerous times from school and I had altercations with the police and then the law.

"Things were escalating fast and this was the biggest turning point for me. I was looked upon as another 'failed member of society' and I couldn't let that happen any longer."

The 'Rocky Like A$AP' singer suffers from anxiety and ADHD – which causes inattentiveness, impulsiveness and hyperactivity – and admitted depression left him feeling suicidal.

He said: "Life was a daily battle. From endless frustration, anxiety and depression, feeling misunderstood, to so nearly committing suicide.

"I experienced large amounts of sleepless nights due to battling the negative thoughts I so often had. I became trapped by the devil inside my own head.

"I felt like my voice was being taken away from me. My relationships with family and friends were deteriorating."

The teenage star hopes his story and music can inspire other people.

He said: "My music is all about personal progression, having the perfect mindset and chasing success. I try paint the perfect picture of our modern generation.

"I want to inspire my fans and people that listen to my music to know that they can achieve anything if they put there mind to it. You are in charge of your own destiny."

J. Grange releases 'Rocky Like A$AP' on 23 August and can be found on YouTube and all digital platforms. For more information, visit https://jgrangeofficial.com.

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