Mikey's audience flash

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 August 2008


Mikey revealed he once flashed an entire audience while presenting an award, during a game of truth last night. 'Big Brother' housemates were ordered by new Head of House Rex to admit the most embarrassing, happiest and craziest moments in their lives - prompting a wide range of answers from the unique bunch.

Speaking about his most embarrassing time, Mikey recalled: "Just before I was due to give the award, a guy said, 'Dude, your flies are undone.' I said, 'Oh, that's OK', and he said, 'No, dude your flies are undone!'

"So I felt down and my k**b was hanging out. I wasn't wearing any underwear!"

After laughing about Mikey's odd revelation, shy and retiring Darnell said his happiest moment was entering the 'Big Brother' house, to which Sara replied: "Yeah, with all you crazy freaks and weirdos!"

Flirty Australian Sara revealed her craziest moment was when she split up with her boyfriend, quit her job, sold her car and moved to London from her home country of Australia - all within a two week period.

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