Nicole's party query

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  • 16 August 2008


Nicole quizzed Rachel and Kathreya about their "favourite things" party this morning. As the 'Big Brother' contestants slowly woke up an intrigued Nicole began asking about the celebration Rachel and Kat had enjoyed the previous evening, and showed a glaring flaw in her knowledge in the process.

Nicole asked how long the disco had lasted and Kat replied: "Only ten songs, so less than half an hour."

Clearly unfamiliar with the length of the average pop song, Nicole laughed: "it wasn't half an hour! Ten songs doesn't last half an hour - that's a couple of hours!"

Kat replied: "Really."

Prompting a smug Nicole to respond: "Yeah!"

Later, Rachel revealed how happy she is to still be in the house.

In a discussion with Lisa, the Welsh beauty confided she had been worried she would be evicted last night and it had affected her state of mind.

She said: "I'm happy again now. I said that to Kat and Darnell. Like, I felt last week, they'd look forward to the future, and I was like, 'I'm not even going be here, I can't talk about the future.' "

Lisa said she understood exactly what Rachel meant.

Rachel replied: "I wasn't as happy, but I'm happy again now. So I'm here to annoy everyone for another week!"

Lisa advised Rachel to "make the most" of her time in the house.

She then began thinking about what she had said, and muttered to herself: "Wise old words, 'Make the most of it.' "

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