Mohamed's spider nightmare

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 August 2008


Mohamed had a nightmare last night and was left so scared he fled the bedroom.

The 'Big Brother' housemate awoke with a sudden jolt in the early hours of the morning and began eating chocolate cake and drinking water.

Disturbed by the movement, Rachel asked: "Are you ok?"

The toy demonstrator then retreated into the living room, with Rachel quick to follow.

He admitted: "I don't want to be in the dark anymore."

After Rachel said she had seen him jump in his sleep when she went o bed, Mohamed revealed he had been having a series of horrible dreams.

He then began telling her about his nightmare, saying: "The beds were in a different position. Dale was in the room. A spider was jumping at me. There was a cat."

Rachel sympathised: "Oh Momo! Anxiety dreams."

Mohamed replied: "I couldn't go to sleep, that's how bad it was. I just kept on waking up. There was nothing I could do but eat chocolate and sit down."

Rachel then queried whether Mohamed had eaten cheese - which many believe can cause disturbed sleep - before going to bed.

Mohamed confirmed he had, prompting Rachel to say: "Oh, Mo! Cheese gives you nightmares."

A scared Mo replied: "Every time I went back the nightmare got worse."

He then said he didn't want to go back into the dark bedroom, explaining: "You guys can go back to bed. I just want to be somewhere where there's light."

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