EastEnders' Jessica Plummer 'fumbles words' when she sees Lacey Turner and Gillian Wright on set

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  • 19 August 2020
Chantelle and Gray Atkins

Chantelle and Gray Atkins

'EastEnders' star Jessica Plummer still "fumbles her words" when she sees Lacey Turner and Gillian Wright on the BBC One soap's set - despite being on the show for 18 months

Jessica Plummer still "fumbles her words" when she sees her 'EastEnders' co-stars Lacey Turner and Gillian Wright on set.

The Chantelle Atkins actress gets starstruck when she spots Lacey and Gillian, who play daughter and mother Stacey Fowler and Jean Slater, because she has been a huge fan of watching the pair in action on the BBC One soap for years.

She said: "I've always loved Jean, and her relationships with her daughter Stacey.

"There was an episode that I watched maybe 10 years ago – the whole episode is just the two of them, and it was so good that I cried and cried, and watched it about five times in a row.

"Even now when I see either of them on set, I fumble my words."

Jessica also loves starring opposite her on-screen father Roger Griffiths (Mitch Baker).

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "Roger finds a way to connect with your character.

"He waits until shooting to add colour to lines, in terms of seeing what the other actor does, and he'll react to that.

"It really helps, as you have to be present, and let the other person's feelings and emotions affect you. He's great."

Jessica is currently part of a hard-hitting storyline which has seen her character Chantelle be physically abused by her husband Gray Atkins (Toby Alexander-Smith) for months, but the actress insists Toby is a "sweetheart" in real life.

She recently said: "Toby is such a sweetheart, it's lovely working with him.

"He's so kind and easy to be with, and the majority of the scenes I shoot are with him.

"I prayed that I would get along with my on-screen husband and I really do."

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