Made in Chelsea stars 'shaken' by dramatic blaze

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  • 19 August 2020
Olivia Bentley

Olivia Bentley

Stars of 'Made in Chelsea' have been left "shaken" after a car burst into flames not far from where they were filming the show

'Made in Chelsea' stars were left "shaken" after a car burst into flames close to where they were filming.

The dramatic incident occurred near to the West Sussex manor where stars, such as Olivia Bentley and Eliza Batten, have been shooting scenes for the reality TV show.

A source said: "It was really scary. The car was engulfed in flames and firefighters were called to deal with the blaze.

"The cast were far enough away so they were safe but some were a bit shaken."

The country manor was identified as the ideal location to shoot the show, as coronavirus safety measures meant they couldn't film in London.

Speaking about the spectacular abode – which boasts 23 acres of land, an indoor swimming pool and a tennis court – the insider told The Sun newspaper: "Producers came up with the idea to hire a big country house and see what unfolds."

Olivia previously praised the bosses of 'Made in Chelsea', revealing they're eager to offer their full support to the cast.

The blonde beauty – who has been subjected to online trolling in the past – insisted there's "always" someone there to help the stars of the show.

She said: "I think there's always going to be downsides to it. I personally, from 'Made in Chelsea', they've always got someone there for you to talk to.

"But I think it's also social media. There are so many different things that can cause this kind of thing. I think it's very awful and very sad but yeah, it can be very stressful.

"I think social media has a big part to play in a lot of stuff and I think the trolls are slightly out of control sometimes.

"There's always people that you can ... I mean, I've had ups and downs and I've always found that there's someone there. It's like a peculiar sort of family – which is amazing."

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