Darnell's Kat rant

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 August 2008


Darnell accused Kathreya of being "too much" in an early morning argument.

The US rapper's outburst came after he had been left alone while Rachel and Kat enjoyed a party thrown by 'Big Brother' to celebrate Rachel surviving yesterday's eviction.

After the girls told him about the party, grumpy Darnell moaned: "I was so bored sitting here. All the smokers were out there and Lisa and Sara were sitting in here but I have nothing in common to talk about."

Kat said she was "surprised" he had been bored as she thought he had lots in common with Sara.

A furious Darnell snapped: "Are you taking the p**s? See Rachel, are you telling me she wasn't taking the p**s with that comment?"

Desperate to avoid getting involved in the row Rachel decided to leave her friends alone to settle their differences.

Darnell then said: "You're slick Kat, you're slick. You're a clever person."

Kat said he had been "funny" with her all day, but Darnell accused her of always trying to make him look bad.

He added: "I'm getting worried about you. You got Mo put in jail and it's like it's always your way or no way. Everyone has to be friends with your friends. You're too much sometimes."

He then claimed Kat often made faces when he was chatting to her which made him want to "punch" himself.

Although the pair seemed to briefly make up, the atmosphere soured when Kat asked how she had upset him.

Darnell fumed: "You're being so dramatic. I can't compete with you. You're too good."

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