Emma Samms 'frustrated' with suffering from 6 months of 'long Covid' symptoms

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  • 19 August 2020
Emma Samms

Emma Samms

'Doctors' actress Emma Samms has been suffering from a condition dubbed "long Covid", which has seen her experience coronavirus symptoms for six months and has left her with severe fatigue

Emma Samms has been left "incredibly frustrated" after suffering from coronavirus symptoms for six months.

The 'Doctors' actress first experienced shortness of breath and chest pains, among other symptoms, earlier this year, and while she expected them to go away in a few weeks, she is still suffering six months on from a condition which has now been dubbed "long Covid".

She said: "There are some good days and bad days. It's very unpredictable, which is annoying to say the least.

"Incredibly frustrating.

"I kept thinking, 'They're saying two weeks and I will feel better.' But I just didn't.

"There would be a good day and I would get back out in the garden and try to do some gardening, and then the next day I would be wiped out.

"I want to stress I'm still one of the very lucky ones. I wasn't hospitalised and in the ITU.

"It's just frustrating that there's not much awareness out there in the public and in the medical world about what long Covid is."

Emma admitted the condition is a "bit of a mystery" to doctors, and she has never felt anything like the fatigue she has been experiencing as a result of the condition.

She said: "Doctors have not known about it.

"I'm assuming eventually I will get better, but nobody knows.

"Weirdly, the doctors I've spoken to who say, 'This is a new virus, we just don't know,' are the ones I trust the most.

"The kind of fatigue you feel is just extraordinary. I've never felt anything like it before. I just have to go and have a lie down, and I'm not that sort of person normally.

"It's been enormously frustrating."

And Emma isn't sure when she will be able to return to work because of the condition.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', she added: "I don't think I'd be much use to people for a while.

"But you never know. There's a job in LA waiting for me, so that's good to know."

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