Stuart evicted

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  • 16 August 2008

Stuart and Davina

Stuart became the ninth person to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night.

The hunky housemate received 59 per cent of the public vote and was greeted by a cheering crowd who gave him one of the best reactions seen so far.

The contestant - who had been paranoid he would be hated when he left the house - was so delighted he wasn't being booed he threw photographs of the housemates into the crowd and then attempted a stage dive.

Unfortunately, the unprepared crowd didn't try to catch him instead letting him fall to the floor.

Davina commented: "That was the worst bit of crowd surfing I've ever seen. They left you!"

An unperturbed Stuart claimed he had heard member of the crowd asking him to jump, adding: "The people slowly parted to a concrete floor!"

During their interview, Davina discussed some of the female housemates with Stuart and was shocked to hear he did not think any of the liked him.

Stuart revealed he fancied Sara - who has told the rest of the house she thinks Stuart is attractive and would love to go out with him - adding: "I don't think she fancies me. That's just Kat doing her 'Cookie Love' thing."

He also claimed Sylvia did not like him like that, prompting Davina to tell him he needed lessons in how to read signals from women.

The former housemate said "greedy" Mohamed was the only housemate who had irritated him and backed Mikey to win the series, explaining he is the only person in the house who "doesn't act".

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