Solange Knowles' disorder disbelief

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 August 2008
Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles' disorder disbelief

Solange Knowles has Attention Deficit Disorder.

The singer - whose elder sister is Beyonce Knowles - says she was diagnosed with the disorder, known as ADD, twice because she refused to accept what she was told by her first doctor.

She said: "I was diagnosed with ADD twice. I didn't believe the first doctor who told me and I had a whole theory that ADD was just something they invented to make you pay for medicine but then the second doctor told me I had it.

"I guess I was in denial. I don't understand exactly what it is. The symptoms seem to apply to everyone around me in the industry - loss of memory, starting something and not finishing it."

Solange also criticised the dance routine in her new video, 'I Decided', branding it "retarded".

She added to Britain's NME magazine: "I did it all myself. Afterwards I looked back and thought it was really weird.

"I think it looks retarded."

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