Richard Osman isn't 'allowed' to be angry in public

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  • 17 August 2020
Richard Osman

Richard Osman

'Pointless' star Richard Osman has claimed he's "not allowed" to be angry in public

Richard Osman is "not allowed" to be angry in public.

The 'Pointless' star admitted he deliberately keeps anything he's irritated about private because people would find it "difficult" to see him in a rage and his daughter always warns him to "protect the brand".

He said: "If people sense kindness in me, then kindness comes with vulnerability.

"You would assume that's somebody comfortable with being down, which I am. The one thing I'm not allowed to be is angry. That would be difficult for people. So, when I feel angry, or have opinions, I have people I send a message to saying, 'This is what I would love to tweet.'

"My daughter, Ruby, who is not a crafter in any way, did a cross-stitch for me last Christmas. It would have taken her ages. It has flowers on it and just says 'Protect the brand'.

"If I get annoyed about anything, she says, 'Dad, protect the brand!' And she's right."

While the 49-year-old presenter insisted he's never been warned by the BBC to keep his opinions private, he's also aware it isn't his "place" to go "spouting off" about certain topics.

He told the Sunday Times magazine: "I've never had a single message from anyone at the BBC saying don't say anything.

"But I don't work for them. I work for Endemol. Still, I also recognise I'm in a position where licence-fee payers are paying for 'Pointless' and I'm in the middle of a living room and a bit of me thinks I shouldn't be spouting off too much because it's not particularly my place."

And Richard is baffled by the number of people who call for him to be more opinionated online.

He added: "An awful lot of idiots want to call you an idiot [on Twitter]. But I choose to accentuate positives. People say, 'Give opinions on Twitter!' Genuinely? That's what you're lacking? One more person on telly's opinion?"

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