Beverley Callard has left Coronation Street

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  • 13 August 2020
Beverley Callard

Beverley Callard

Soap star Liz McDonald has already left 'Coronation Street'

Liz McDonald has already left 'Coronation Street'.

The character, played by Beverley Callard, was originally supposed to exit the ITV soap with a dramatic storyline – but the plans were scrapped due to the coronavirus lockdown, and Steve McDonald has confirmed that Liz has relocated to Spain.

A source told that Beverley is now out of contract and so it's unlikely she'll be returning to the cobbles.

Prior to her exit, John Whiston, the Head of ITV in the North, paid tribute to the actress' contribution to the soap.

He said: "With the character of Liz, Beverley Callard has gifted to 'Coronation Street' 30 years of brilliant drama, comedy and everything in between.

"Whether it's sharing a wicked joke with Eileen, raising an arch eyebrow behind the bar of the Rovers or giving some feckless man the full force of her tongue, Liz is a true 'Coronation Street' icon."

Meanwhile, Beverley previously admitted she was looking forward to a more relaxed schedule as she moves into the next phase of her career.

The actress – who joined the soap in 1989 – explained: "At least I won't be working 50 weeks a year.

"Theatre is different. It's not as demanding as 'Coronation Street' because once you've learnt your lines for the stage show, they don't really change.

"Whereas in 'Corrie', I've been learning new lines every night, especially when I'm in a lead story."

Beverley also predicted she'd feel extremely emotional during her last day on set.

She said: "I have no idea what my last day will be like.

"I'll be terrible, but I'll still be in touch with them all anyway."

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