Rex 'dumped' Mohamed

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 August 2008

Mo feels like he was dumped

Mohamed said he feels down since Rex dumped him (2.35pm). The greedy Somalian complained he was feeling really low recently and blamed his failing relationship with the arrogant chef.

He said: "I just feel down. Rex has dumped me and got a new girlfriend. I knew he was cheating on me anyway."

The 24-year-old - who was close to Rex before his lover Nicole entered a fortnight ago - had been to talk to Big Brother in the Diary Room and complained about his other ailments.

He said: "It's just restlessness. I feel down, paranoid. The next 21 days are going to seem longer than the last ten weeks."

Lisa agreed.

She said: "We're all going to get more narky, more fired up. I feel like I need a shot of adrenalin or something."

The 40-year-old former bodybuilder went on to tell Nicole how lucky she is because she has not been in the house as long as the other fatigued contestants.

She told her: "You are probably the most normal person in here because you've only been in here two weeks."

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