Nicole's annoying boyfriend

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  • 15 August 2008

Nicole would not say what was wrong

Nicole branded Rex "annoying" this morning. After the couple's argument last night, the 19-year-old told Sara she found lover Rex rude and irritating.

She said: "Rex is so annoying! He went, 'shut up'. F**k's sake, Rex!"

Sexy PA Sara half-heartedly agreed before Nicole went outside for a cigarette with Mohamed.

But when Rex - who allegedly had an affair with a stripper in Las Vegas - touched her on the shoulders and attempted to patch things up, the whiny student kicked off again.

She said: "Rex, you're really annoying. Get off, Rex, please!"

Rex replied: "No!"

Nicole added: "You're so rude. There's no need for comments like that."

Rex asked: "What comments?"

But Nicole was unprepared to reveal any more about her mood.

She said: "Whatever."

The couple have argued almost every day since Nicole entered the house two weeks ago. They have bickered over everything from Nicole's suitcase to Rex's tea making skills.

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