House cleaning task

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  • 15 August 2008

Stuart read out boring task

Housemates were told to clean the 'Big Brother' house this morning. The group all waited expectantly as Stuart - who faces eviction alongside Rachel this evening - collected instructions from the Diary Room.

But everyone was less than impressed with the boring chores.

Stuart said: "Oh, it's just cleaning."

He read: "Big Brother has noticed that the house has got messy. Housemates are reminded not to spray each other... blah, blah, b*****ks."

Darnell added: "Dammit. Crap."

Dressed in their cleaning suits, the housemates proceeded to clean the house while listening to classical music.

The contestants will receive a reward from Big Brother if they clean the house to a satisfactory standard.

Meanwhile, Rex told Kat he feels he gets nothing from his relationship with Nicole.

He told her: "I look after Nicole. I look after her financially and I get nothing back.

"It's not how I want it. But I get everything for her. She's too young to understand."

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