Louis Theroux takes toilet power naps

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  • 10 August 2020
Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux

Acclaimed documentary-maker Louis Theroux has revealed he loves taking power naps - and often does so on the toilet

Louis Theroux takes power naps on the toilet.

The 50-year-old documentary filmmaker has revealed he used to sneak off to the loos at the BBC to get a few minutes of sleep in one of the cubicles.

Louis shared: "As I have got older I found that a little nap in the day, if I can get away with it, always helps.

"The BBC used to have these toilets where if you didn't move then after three minutes the lights would go off.

"I kind of lean my head forward on my chin or even a hand on my chin and within a minute I would be out.

"And then after about 10 minutes I would wake up – usually with some drool on my chin. In my utopian society at work you would have a sleep booth."

However, Louis' wife Nancy Strang thinks he's too quick to fall asleep.

The TV star – who has been married to Nancy since 2012 – told 'The Joe Wicks Podcast': "She thinks I sleep too easily."

Louis previously admitted he hopes to make a football documentary.

The 'Weird Weekends' presenter revealed he is open to making a sports-themed show, as he feels it would give him a chance to see "the high life".

Louis said: "It might be a gentle look at the high society.

"Footballers earn a decent crust. I imagine it will be a little bit glamorous and I'm fascinated by the high life."

Louis also claimed to have met Banksy when he went to a Queens Park Rangers game in 2001.

He recalled: "One of the other people in the box was a young artist. He was a little bit sheepish and wasn't terribly outgoing.

"I said, 'Alright, what do you do?' He said, 'I'm a street artist'. He gave me a little booklet of some of his art and it looked quite good. I kind of made awkward chit chat and I asked his name and he said, 'Banksy.' "

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