Kay, Mo released

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  • 15 August 2008

Mo and Kat were released

Kat and Mohamed were released from jail last night. The 'convicts' - who had been incarcerated for discussing nominations - were set free as they prepared to spend the night bracing the elements.

Nominee Stuart said the pair were "lucky b****rs" because he had to stay in the creepy cage until 9am the next day.

Greedy Mohamed ran straight to the kitchen to gorge on food.

But Kathreya risked further disciplinary action by talking to Darnell about Rachel's nomination again.

She said she would not say names but would count the number of people she believes put her forward.

Later, Mohamed told Darnell he had a dream about an electrical fire in the house.

He revealed his nightmare to the rapper, saying he saw the whole house explode.

Disinterested Darnell said: "There are a lot of lights in the house."

Rachel has previously dreamed Davina McCall thought she was boring and made her return to the house to get changed because she didn't like her dress.

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