Brain eater Darnell

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  • 15 August 2008

Darnell dined on lamb brains

Housemates feasted on brains last night. The bloodthirsty contestants fried up the lamb organ after finding it in their shopping as one of Big Brother's ever-changing mystery prizes.

Darnell was the first to step up to taste the delicacy, hoping it would make him more intelligent.

He said: "I'm up for it I'm trying to get smart!

"At least I can say I've eaten brain. Hannibal ate it, so it must be alright. And he didn't eat it with any seasoning."

The US rapper was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

He said: "That was tasty! It tastes like bacon with the texture of eggs."

But some of his fellow housemates were not so taken with the dish.

Sara and Nicole said it looked "gross" while Stuart was not keen on the idea of eating a brain.

He said: "It's alright, but you still think you're eating brain. Oh my God, that's not nice. It's weird! It tastes like skin!"

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