Rex's tall story

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  • 14 August 2008

Rex hates being shorter than Nicole

Rex called Nicole a selfish b***h this afternoon. The cocky chef slammed his 19-year-old girlfriend for wearing high heels that make her look taller than him.

Nicole said: "I'm gonna wear heels whenever I want."

Rex replied: "Of course you are because you're a selfish b***h."

Lisa kick started the argument by dragging up a feud the pair had last night about the sexy student's choice of footwear.

Nicole said: "He's ridiculous, as if I'm not going to wear high heels, Rex!"

Rex replied: "It's not a good look to make yourself taller than me."

But Nicole argued she was not taller than Rex.

Rex added: "I know you're not, you're a lot shorter than me! Your head comes up to my chin."

Sales rep Lisa saw another opportunity to wind the wealthy playboy up and questioned if Rex really did have a height advantage.

Rex demanded for Nicole to stand up and stood smiling at Lisa, waiting for her to acknowledge his tallness.

Lisa laughed: "Gosh, it must be the shoes."

Rex told the group: "It doesn't help with you lot agreeing with her.

"It's not the nicest thing to go out with your girlfriend and she looks taller than you and just makes you look like a d**k."

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