Kat banged up

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  • 14 August 2008

Kat and Mohamed are in jail

Kathreya and Mohamed have been sent to jail (3.45pm). The pair are being punished by Big Brother for discussing nominations.

Mohamed - who has previously served time in the creepy cage with arrogant chef Rex - was "annoyed" he was locked up.

He said: "I was saying that in real terms, I wouldn't trip anyone for the money. They took that as me talking about nominations."

The greedy 24-year-old was also concerned he would miss out on his share of the ciders when the shopping arrived. He feared Rex would drink them.

Mikey said: "Don't worry, you'll get your cider."

Rachel was concerned about Kat and instructed her to go to the bedroom to put on warm clothes to help brace the elements.

She said: "How could they do this on my last night? I don't understand. But at least you guys are together. That's good."

Stuart shouted: "Let's get some jail time!"

Darnell joked: "Don't pass go."

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