Rex interrogates Darnell

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  • 14 August 2008

Rex demanded answers from Darnell

Rex demanded for Darnell to confess to having his nipples licked by Mikey. The arrogant bully interrogated the insecure songwriter over last night's saucy goings on, where Darnell was covered in melted chocolate.

Darnell said: "I'm ashamed of all the debauchery that went down last night."

Rex replied: "I heard Mikey was licking your nipples!"

But the 26-year-old US deportee said there was nothing sexual about the incident, saying there was "no licking going on at all".

However, Rex pressed on with his line of questioning.

He said: "I heard about it - you were covered in melted chocolate and he was licking your nipples."

Darnell replied: "No. There was no licking."

Rex insisted: "Yes! He said he got you off with his tongue."

Darnell ran off to the garden.

Kathreya said she had a great time during the bizarre ritual.

She said: "I love yesterday! It was good night. Mikey say, 'give me a toe' because original plan he gonna be sucking off the toe chocolate and I just can't stand it! It's so eugh!

"So they let Mikey do nipple instead."

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