ITV commissions dramas inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement

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  • 23 July 2020
Ashley Walters

'Bulletproof' star Ashley Walters

ITV has announced plans to make 'Unsaid Stories', a series of short dramas inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement

ITV has commissioned a series of short dramas inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

'Unsaid Stories' will feature four 15-minute drama shorts by the likes of Nicole Lecky and Jerome Bucchan-Nelson that will highlight the importance of black perspectives.

ITV's head of drama Polly Hill said: "I'm proud to commission four new drama shorts from Greenacre Films which reflect what's happening in Britain today.

"The scripts are unique, fresh and engaging, about real people in completely real situations, confronting and exploring racism and prejudice.

"I hope in some small way each of these films will bring about change."

'Lavender' has been written by Nicole – who previously penned the book 'Superhoe' – and tells the story of a new mother who is forced to evaluate her relationship to her own white mum after giving birth to a baby with darker skin.

Elsewhere, Jerome's 'Generational' will focus on the relationship between a black father and his daughter.

Jerome was previously one of the writers of the drama series 'Bulletproof', which starred the likes of Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters.

Playwright Lynette Linton and 'Upload' writer Anna Ssemuyaba have also written their own short dramas for the new ITV series.

Lynette's 'Look At Me' tells the story of a young couple who are stopped by the police while out driving, while Anna's 'I Don't Want To Talk About This' centres on a former couple who bump into each other at a party.

Nadine Marsh-Edwards and Amanda Jenks, the founders of Greenacre Films, hope the series will cast a light on "some of the things that go unsaid".

They explained: "We are delighted to be working with Polly and ITV together with such talented teams of writers, producers and directors.

"We relish the opportunity to cast a light on some of the things that go unsaid and bring the complexities and nuance of black experiences in the UK today to the screen."

The upcoming dramas are set to commence filming in London on July 27.

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