Mikey licks Darnell

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 August 2008

Darnell refused Mikey's tongue

Mikey tried to lick chocolate off Darnell's nipples. The blind housemate recruited Kathreya to hold the rapper down in the bathroom and asked her to help pour the sticky mixture on his chest.

Mikey shouted: "Hold him down! Get his top off! I need him to be horizontal."

Darnell - who was only semi-willing to be a participant in the strange ritual - screamed for them to leave him alone.

He cried: "I feel like I'm on a bad date. I'm not a piece of meat!"

Rachel - who was clearly enjoying the show and actually fetched the melted chocolate from the kitchen - made it clear she did not want to get involved.

She told Darnell: "I'm not taking part in this. I'm just watching."

The chocolate was poured all over the US songwriter's chest - including his t-shirt - but Darnell managed to struggle enough to prevent Mikey's tongue getting anywhere near him.

Darnell added: "It's like a sex thing. But with no women."

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