Ross Adams wants Hollyoaks 2-hander with Jennifer Metcalfe

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  • 21 July 2020
Ross Adams as Scott

Ross Adams as Scott

'Hollyoaks' actor Ross Adams would love to film a two-hander episode with Jennifer Metcalfe ready for when the Channel 4 soap returns to our screens

Ross Adams wants to shoot a two-hander with Jennifer Metcalfe ready for when 'Hollyoaks' returns.

The 38-year-old star would love to see an episode of the Channel 4 soap that only features his character Scott Drinkwell and Jennifer's alter-ego Mercedes McQueen – and it would be ideal for the new regulations, which require fewer people in scenes as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ross said: "I love their friendship. I really enjoy those soap partnerships of two total opposites, and Scott sparks off scary alpha female characters like Mercedes and his boss at the Salon de The, Marnie Nightingale – he is terrified of them but has a close bond.

"A two-hander sleepover episode would be brilliant, wouldn't it?

"We need less people in scenes now so that would totally work. It's a great idea. Everyone's a winner."

Should Ross get his Scott and Mercedes dream two-hander episode, it will not be the first time the pair have had a sleepover.

Speaking to, he added: "One of the funniest moments between them I remember doing was when they were having a sleepover, we joined the scene mid-conversation and Mercedes was moaning, 'For God's sake, please don't make me act out that scene from that Britney Spears Crossroads movie again.'

"It's always referenced they get up to all sorts together but we never see it, we know it's happened but it just gets referenced on screen.

"That's nice too in a way, as we can imagine the fun they're having. But it would be nice to show more of it."

'Hollyoaks' aired its final episode for the time being last night (20.07.20), as a result of running out of episodes due to the pandemic, but the soap is due to return in September.

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